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NLC Wrap-up Post

Tuesday June 16: Went to the school to hang out before leaving. Talked with my teacher who tried to set me up on a date (and I just realized I never gave her answer.) The admin at school insisted that we leave at 11:30 to get to Hugo (where I was meeting my ride) which is only about an hour away. So I went with the lady who handles bookkeeping and we went for lunch in Hugo first.

I got to the Hugo campus and we found out that my ride had just left Talihina (about an hour and a half away from Hugo) and that the admin wanted her to come back as soon as she dropped me off. So I waited in the lobby of the Hugo campus for about an hour till my ride showed up. They were really nice people and I don't know what I was so worried about.

We made it to Dallas at about 5 that evening and checked into the hotel. The room was on the 14th floor and it was nice. I shared with one of the other girls so we could all have our own bed (both rooms were a double) and then that evening we decided to head out and do a little shopping. We ended up taking the suggestion from the hotel and catching the public train (my first time on a train!), but we somehow got turned around by the guy who helped us get our tickets and we ended up in the West End which is fairly gutted nowadays. We ate at The Spaghetti Warehouse and then we walked around a bit and then headed back to the hotel.

Wednesday June 17: We got up early to start taking the open tests. I blew through most of them before noon and the advisor who took me insisted that I eat something before I had my competition at 2. We didn't know what was close so we hiked down a few blocks in downtown Dallas and found a little hole-in-the-wall place where we had burgers. We rushed back and I did my event. (While I was in my event our advisor found out that if you take the skywalk on the second floor of the hotel you can go to a little mini-mall thing with a ton of food places.)

After I was done we headed back to the hotel to change and we set out for a mall. We poked around a bit there, but most of the stores were higher priced than we were so we didn't do much shopping. We made it back to the hotel to change back into our professional clothes and we went to the opening general session. The guest speaker was awesome and quite hilarious. (He also broke out the line "his eyes are like space crystals that melt my soul" which is my new favorite line ever.) After that we went to our state meeting where our state advisor told us that if we placed first in our events that we would get a free laptop. Cue three days of kicking myself for not proofing just a little bit harder. After that it was time for bed because we had an early morning.

Thursday June 18: I got up with the girl I was rooming with and went with her to her event and we ran into a snag when people from other states complained that they didn't know they were supposed to bring everything they needed for that event. After that we went and checked out the mini-mall that connected to the hotel via skywalk and hung out with some girls from another part of Oklahoma (she talked Twilight and I talked Star Trek).

For lunch we attended a workshop that taught us proper etiquette for a business lunch. We sat with a couple of people from Ohio and the food was rather bland. After that I sort of, kind of snuck into the honor reception because the girls I was with were part of it, but I didn't sign up for it. They gave us junk food and after that we headed down the... well I don't really know what to call it. They have a ton of wholesale shops and such and we looked at handbags and such. I also popped in the Asian grocery they had to buy something to drink and took in all the stuff I couldn't actually read. We came back to the hotel after that for the second general session and then back to the hotel for some rest. (I believe this was the night that Shatner was on Conan and it was amazing.)

Friday June 19: This was pretty much a free day for me. The third girl with us had her event later that afternoon so we went out early to do some shopping. We took the train again and this time we ended up going the right direction! After popping by Ross we went back to the mini-mall for lunch and ice cream and then after the other event we hopped on a bus to Six Flags.

I'm not the thrill ride type but we rode a interactive movie thing, the train that goes around the park, the swings, the carousel, a tilt-a-whirl type thing, and a rather fun swinging boat. We also walked around quite a bit and I bought a T-Shirt and a Wile E. Coyote plushie. After a few hours in the park we went back to the hotel for sleep.

Saturday June 20: This was my major free day. We got up and decide to hit one more mall and ended up taking the bus. While at the mall I stopped in a Hot Topic and bought a Spock T-Shirt. We had to be back to the hotel by 12:30 because the others were going to Medieval Times (I've been there way too many times.) I stayed at the hotel and watched TV.

That night was the awards ceremony. I got to go up on stage and I got a medal, but I didn't place in the top 3 (I was 5th.) And after the ceremony we got finished pretty early so we decided to head out and see a movie. We got to the theater and decided we'd watch The Proposal. The showing wasn't until 9 something so we poked around the mall the theater was in, but by the time we got back to buy our tickets... they were sold out. Dejected we left the mall and headed out to find a gas station to get gas and by the time we found one we decided that we'd go back and try the movie again for the 3rd showing of the night. We made it and the movie was actually quite good (naked Ryan Reynolds is so, so worth it.) After that it was back to the hotel and be.

Sunday June 21: We headed out for home at a little after ten and stopped for lunch at Whataburger. We also stopped to do a little more shopping at a Ross we passed. I made it back to Hugo at about 2 something and back home at 3 something.

TL:DR version: I finished 5th and had a great time.
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