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Something I forgot to mention in yesterday's post...

There are six of us in class working on medical coding at the moment. We're all about ready to pull our hair out trying to learn how to do it as our instruction book tells us and get through the test over it. Our teacher arranged for us to tour one of the local clinics to let us see how they really do it.

We learned that while we're working our asses off trying to learn it... the ones they have actually working in the departments have had no training in it whatsoever. They've just been put there and learned it hands on.

Needless to say, we were no pleased by that fact. But I feel that if they can do it without knowing anything about it beforehand, then I can certainly do it after going through this stupid book. Which is good since I was leaning toward coding after talking with my teacher at the beginning of the school year. (I like that I'd be working pretty much by myself.) But after starting the work on it, I was frustrated that I was struggling with the book. But now I feel ten times better about it.
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