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A. Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc. that you've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in your life.
B. Have your flist guess your favorite character and/or pairing from each item.

Here be fandoms... )

Keep in mind... it's really hard to get some of these wrong... Also hints available upon request.
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Another April Fools Day has passed. I think Yahoo Japan with their Space Invaders and YouTube rickrolling everyone were my favorites. Jumpri was fun too. =D

The puppy ate one of my slippers. It was pretty close to falling apart anyway, but they were still warm and comfy. Stupid puppy. Our cats are slowly warming up to her, but they all still fight most of the time.

And can I just say that I am super thrilled that something interesting is happening in Bleach again? I like can't even remember the last time I was this happy over a chapter. Awesome.
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Random Bleachness:

Ulquiorra has a voice... in Heat the Soul 3 that is. :P

Go to the site and hit "characters" his should load automatically. (And look at 3D Ichigo get all impaled and junk... that's actually kinda hawt. o_O)

*kicks him and Byakuya for taking the last two spots* Seriously... no Ikkaku or Yumichika? Yachiru, Nanao, Nemu, and Shuuhei... no Ikkaku and Yumichika?! Tousen got screwed too.

Where the fuck are you chapter 61?!
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So the Ichigo and Zangetsu Bleach Beat Collection is out. I must say I'm quite impressed. I think that I like Ichigo's song a bit more than the ones from his first set and Zangetsu's song is awesome. (I won't even begin to describe the weird mental image I got when I heard the Zangetsu song.) The duet is pretty "eh" though.

I think that tomorrow I'm gonna fix up my user info.

And why I can't stop watching the leek spin?!

Oh and [adult swim]'s new wesbite design... shitty. For no apparent reason they added some stupid sidebar that squishes the boards and makes them all hard to read and shit. I feel sorry for the people who have 800x600 resolutions.
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Bleach is gonna be on [adult swim].

There are only two bad things about this:
1. I'm gonna have to deal with people trying to post shit about episode 50something before it airs for the next two years.
2. There is a shitload of Bleach themed alts on the [as] boards that will annoy me to no freaking end.

And I finally got my debit card working and got my paid account back. Now I just need to put up the layout that I never got around to making. X(
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Bleach finally gets some f_wank.

In other random news... it's freaking cold in here and I'm hungry. *goes to correct both problems*
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So I got bored earlier today... and this is the result...

Me if I were a super hawt South Park character )

I am the hawtness, yes?

And a friend of mine on the [as] boards showed these to me yesterday... he has no idea where they're from or who originally scanned them. He found them on another message board in someone's signature.

Yeah... they're Bleach related... go figure. No spoilers, just hawtness. )

But they are the hawtness, yes?

[I need to decide what I want on my next layout... :(]
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ZOMG! Ichimaru Gin's Bleach Beat Collection came out yesterday! Whoever said that Kouji Yusa could sing was right on the money.

So... my take on the tracks... (I don't know the names though :()
Sekaiwa Sudeni Giki no Ueni; (The World is Already Deceived) -- So hypnotizing. Definitely passed "My Blade as My Pride" as favorite lead off track. It really kinda lulls and sorta pulls you in... kinda like Gin. I love it. (Plus the addition "bai bai" is just awesome.)
Fuyu no Hanabi; (Winter Fireworks) -- The duet with Rangiku. They sound really good together. (zomg! we need more GinRan interaction!) I thought this would be a really angsty track, but it's not and it still sounds great. Matsutani Kaya's voice sounds really good. Rangiku has that low, sultry voice (that fits perfectly) and the vocals on this track just showed off that that low, sexy voice even more. (Now I want a Matsumoto Beat Collection.) Easily my favorite duet.
Hyo Ri; (Inside and Outside) -- Talk about a totally different sound. This one is kinda light. I like the music and like [livejournal.com profile] pausedsilence mentioned, I can totally see Gin singing this to himself while he's not doing paperwork. (Oh you know Kira had to do it all. XD)
Sekaiwa Sudeni Giki no Ueni [INSTRUMENTAL]; (The World is Already Deceived [INSTRUMENTAL]) -- Instrumental of track one -- Awesome music, man.

Final Verdict -- *sighs* I hate to say it... but it beats Ishida's Beat Collection. It all just comes together so well. (I didn't care much for Ishida's first track.) Each track shows off a different part of a character that's so... hard to put into words. The dark, hypnotizing feel, the Rangiku interaction, the light, playful feeling... that's all Gin and it really comes off well.
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Bleach 206 thoughts... )
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So smexy... so color coordinated... )

*bounces away to make more Orihime icons*
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*babbles incoherently* Bleach 204 spoilers/squeeing )

Random edit: This Grimm icon totally matches my color scheme for my journal... groovy.
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This has been stuck inside me since yesterday and I don't want to say it just anywhere cause it's a FMA spoiler so I'm gonna say it here and cut it...

Me yelling about Bleach chapter 201 but with a big spoiler for the end of the FMA anime... so you know... don't click it if you haven't seen it/plan on seeing it )
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Bleh. I woke up this morning freezing and with a pain in my neck (a real pain). I must have slept on it wrong last night. :(

Bleach 55 caps/comm will come tomorrow as I'm just not feeling it right now. But there are two caps that I have to post now because it's Shunsui and Ukitake and they're just too good not to share. :)
8 or 13? )
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I finally got around to watching Black Cat. Even though they changed a lot of stuff it was still really good. Train still looks good in black. Sven is still a smexy, dorky inventor. Creed is still a crazy stalker. It was all good. ^_^

Bleach 199 stuffs )
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Bleach Spoilers to the end of the Soul Society arc

Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks this... )
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I have to rant cause this shit is bananas.

Bleach chapter 196 -- Worst. Chapter. Ever. )
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Bleach 195 )

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