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So since it's been like forever since I updated this thing... let's see what's been going on...

So as I said before my doggie passed away. :( My kitties are doing good though. My oldest cat finally got over her stress thing and her hair is getting thick again.

I almost had a job in Round Rock, Texas with my cousin watching for fires and doing gofer work on a construction site, but that fell through (for her too) so pfft on that.

It seems the Bleach filler could be ending so that means I'll be back to doing my caps (and I'm so ready for that.) Grimmy better have a hawt, hawt, hawt voice.

I'm addicted to Prince of Tennis and I do not know why. A.) I don't even like tennis. B.) Well there is no B, but still... and it's not even like there's this awesome plot... it's just a bunch of crazy mature looking middle schoolers playing tennis.

Also... winter anime season seems kinda "meh" the only thing I'm looking forward to is Nodame Cantabile (which will be awesome.) I caught the first episode of that Nodame Cantabile drama too. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a while.

Oh and Photobucket is driving me crazy. They really need to calm down with all the changes (and so does LJ >_>). The only good thing they've added is the auto copy thing when you click in the box.
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So yeah... this post serves no purpose other than to show off my sexy new Dr. Usodabada icon. (Because Usopp looks surprisingly good with that moustache.) [I made a whole batch of Chopperman icons, but I'm debating on if I should post them... cause they kinda suck.]

Oh and I freaking love Ugly Betty.

Oh and Gintama 6 has been subbed! Whoo!
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Random Bleachness:

Ulquiorra has a voice... in Heat the Soul 3 that is. :P

Go to the site and hit "characters" his should load automatically. (And look at 3D Ichigo get all impaled and junk... that's actually kinda hawt. o_O)

*kicks him and Byakuya for taking the last two spots* Seriously... no Ikkaku or Yumichika? Yachiru, Nanao, Nemu, and Shuuhei... no Ikkaku and Yumichika?! Tousen got screwed too.

Where the fuck are you chapter 61?!
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Yay! I (finally) changed my layout! It's got Doumeki & Watanuki (because I went back and reread volumes 7 & 8 of xxxHOLiC and couldn't resist.) It doesn't look "OMG!SOTOTALLYAWESOME!" but I like it. All I need to do know is fix up my user info, but I may or may not do that later. I wanna make an xxxHOLiC mood theme to match too, but I think I'll start on that this weekend.

And that's all I got... except for this: It's hot and this Nekozawa icon is super awesome. :P
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So the Ichigo and Zangetsu Bleach Beat Collection is out. I must say I'm quite impressed. I think that I like Ichigo's song a bit more than the ones from his first set and Zangetsu's song is awesome. (I won't even begin to describe the weird mental image I got when I heard the Zangetsu song.) The duet is pretty "eh" though.

I think that tomorrow I'm gonna fix up my user info.

And why I can't stop watching the leek spin?!

Oh and [adult swim]'s new wesbite design... shitty. For no apparent reason they added some stupid sidebar that squishes the boards and makes them all hard to read and shit. I feel sorry for the people who have 800x600 resolutions.


Feb. 27th, 2006 07:00 pm
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My Paint Shop died the other day. :( But now I have spiffy Photoshop to play with! I have the urge to make some icons. I've got a truckload of screencaps and junk to go through. :P

Buh. I've been feeling really run down over the last few days. Between the rain and the cold and my allergies... it feels like I've been punched in the sinuses. :(

And I just spent the last few days reading Fruits Basket (yes, I know... like three years after everyone else... And I just watched the anime last week.) and I must say... what a horribly depressing group of characters. Although words can't describe how much I love Yuki. (Which is odd cause usually I'd like the grumpy Kyo type more.)
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Bleach finally gets some f_wank.

In other random news... it's freaking cold in here and I'm hungry. *goes to correct both problems*
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Changed my layout. Well.. I just fiddled with the colors and stuff. It's pretty bare and I'm still using The Boxer. (I just can't figure out what I want for my layout.)

I ganked this from some random LJ peoples because it sounds fun (and easy.)

In 2006 I will watch 100 movies and post my thoughts about them here on LJ.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Movie #1 -- Fantastic Four )

I spent most of the day cleaning. So fun. >_> I get to spend the rest of the week doing laundry. So much more fun. >_>

[My Super Bowl pick is gonna be wrong. I picked the Seahawks because I liked their team colors better. :(]

And OMG! Why can't I log into the [as] Message Boards?! *spazzes* And it works now! Yayz!
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So I got bored earlier today... and this is the result...

Me if I were a super hawt South Park character )

I am the hawtness, yes?

And a friend of mine on the [as] boards showed these to me yesterday... he has no idea where they're from or who originally scanned them. He found them on another message board in someone's signature.

Yeah... they're Bleach related... go figure. No spoilers, just hawtness. )

But they are the hawtness, yes?

[I need to decide what I want on my next layout... :(]
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I need to randomly spam!!!

Zoro is watching you!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I am so behind on One Piece. I'm only episode 65! I feels like I'm never gonna catch up.

Damn I need to work on my Orihime and One Piece icons for [livejournal.com profile] iconfiend100. I'm way behind.
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Random things for Clarissa to do:
1. Catch up on Honey & Clover! (Seriously. I'm like three episodes behind.)
2. Make icons. (I want to do some D.Gray-man icons and I have the overwhelming need to make FMA anime icons, then there's two other set-type things that I want to do.)
3. Download Loveless and catch up on my manga reading before the new anime season starts.
4. Make a layout for my journal. (After I learn some l33t layout skillz.)
5. Continue to hate rain that cuts out my staelitte when I'm trying to watch LOST!

Random Bleach icon sets I want to do. )
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I like the way Gmail gets all happy when you have no spam. It just makes me feel happy for some strange reason. ^_^

That is all.

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