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This just in: The Resistance is amazing.

Sure a couple of tracks are a little weak, but the strong tracks more than make up for them. And sure the sound has is different, but when have they ever sounded the same from album to album? There's always a change.

All in all... great album. Might just give Absolution a run for it's money as my favorite in the long run.

I just hope we don't have to wait another three years for the next one.
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Okay... so... random babble time...

I have a confession to make... I spent roughly the first 24.3 years of my life not being a fan of The Beatles.

I didn't hate them or anything like that. They just weren't my thing. I knew who they were. I knew what they did. I knew what happened to them. I knew why they were important. I could name all four of them. If I were ever randomly called up by a radio station and asked to name a dozen Beatles songs off the top of my head I could probably do it without thinking. I was enough of a passing fan to be interested in the idea of The Beatles: Rock Band. But I just didn't get it.

Then a few days ago VH1 did it's usual Rock Band thing and went into promotion overload. Suddenly it was Beatles songs mixed in with the morning video blocks and VH1 Classic jumped into the arms of Beatlemania by doing "9 Days of The Beatles" where they're showing movies, makings of, concerts, and whatnot.

Last Tuesday they showed Help!. I decided to watch it.

I wasn't expecting to like it. I was just expecting to have something fill my time for two hours while I wait for the fall television season to cure my evening boredom. But somewhere between the scene where Ringo falls out of bed and when they sing "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" I was hooked. I suddenly got "it." I got what everyone else had been getting all these years. I don't know what it was exactly, but I was left with a feeling of completely missing out on something for a very long time.

After that I took to VH1 Classic's Beatlemania like it was my own. I was watching every night. I started listening to the music. It was within record time that I completely and totally fell in love with this band and instantly became heartbroken knowing what happened to them.

And now less than a week (and 300+ plays) into my own personal (and VH1 Classic's) Beatlemaina... I have to say I'm quite enjoying it. I don't know if I have a favorite Beatle yet. Though I do seem to be quite partial to George... and John... and Ringo... and Paul...
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I got a call from my teacher today telling me that I made in this year and that classes start on the 12th. I actually get to go full time this year which means I'll actually have time to work on stuff. I'm looking forward to telling everyone how Nationals went and start the poking early to get people wanting to go next year.

I watched The Soloist and Sense and Sensibility last night. The Soloist wasn't bad. I admit that I was mostly on board for Robert Downey, Jr. and he did not disappoint. Sense and Sensibility was very good. I watched the 1995 version with Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman. I'm not huge on Alan Rickman usually, but UNF I say... UNF. Loved Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer.

On the True Blood front I'm up through episode five of season two. Jason has officially become my favorite character. I was won over when he turned and looked out the window after what's-his-face said "there's a war going on out there." And "Evil is the premedicated choice to be a dick." might just be the best line ever. I'm planning on being caught up soon and then it's onto 30 Rock.

Also Muse's new single is awesome. I cannot wait for September.
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Torchwood: Children of Earth - I don't know if I liked this or not. I really don't. On the one hand... the mini-series format works so much better than their usual formula, but on the other hand... lots of NO.

Being Human - What's this? A series about vampires/werewolves where I don't have the overwhelming urge to light someone on fire? (Well okay I kinda wanna light Lauren on fire, but still...) Everyone should be watching this... if only for George.

Watchmen - So what exactly was the point of changing the ending, again? I know part of it had to have been "well that's kind of stupid" but the movie ending was just as stupid. I must say that I did quite enjoy the guy who played Rorschach. I also quite enjoyed Patrick Wilson as Dan. I didn't think he was gonna work, but he did for me. (Zac Synder can take his stupid slo-mo uber-violence and DIAF though.)

Comic-con - Why is this the year that everyone awesome decided to go to Comic-con?! Super excited to hear that the Iron Man 2 footage went over well. I'm also excited to hear that Marvel is gonna chill out on the massive crossover events (which still sounds like "we're trying to fix everything before The Avengers comes out.) Not as excited to hear that Pym/Ant-Man doesn't seem to be part of it though. The Iron Man anime teaser looked awesome while the Wolverine one looked not as awesome. Marvel's new cartoon project has an awesome cast (and involved Hawkeye! Yay Hawkeye!) but I can't help but wish they were doing an animated version of Mini-Marvels instead.

I don't quite know how I feel about Dominic Monaghan joining the cast of Flashforward, but do know that I'm super excited to have John Cho and Jack Davenport on my TV every week.

Also Legion can be the shittiest movie in all of existence for all I care... I saw the poster and I'm completely sold.

Also also... call me crazy, but I kinda like the 11th Doctor's outfit. It's quite spiffy.
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Okay so on Friday we finally (finally) got Booster Gold on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Tom Everett Scott was back as Booster and Billy West was back as Skeets (they previously played them in an awesome episode of Justice League Unlimited).

I thought the episode was great. Booster was mostly played for laughs, but he did get his angst moment after Skeets was captured. "You broke my buddy. Now I'm gonna break you." was a great line.

While the episode lacked the emotional stuff "Fall of the Blue Beetle!" had, I really did enjoy it. I'm just extremely saddened that Booster and Ted have never appeared together in any of DC's animation projects. (Rights to the Blue Beetle were snarled during Justice League's run and DC is really pushing current!Beetle, Jaime in Brave and the Bold. I believe he's been in more episodes than anyone else other than Batman. Though Aquaman might be tied with him.)

I'm excited for next week's episode as well since the guest star is Robin/Dick! And we get both green panties and pixie boots and his Earth-2 costume (even though it's ugly as sin.) Ooh according to Wiki the guy who played Jet in Avatar is Robin.

And then according to Wiki, it just gets better. Ace the Bat-Hound, Catman (omg he's played by Biff lol), and Bat-Mite all in the same episode. That's some win right there.
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I went to see it yesterday. So glad I did.

Spoiler filled babble... )
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So it's been a while since I did a proper update so I'm gonna try and hit the high points...

School: Finally started using MediSoft in Medical Office Procedures. It's not as bad as I was expecting, but I still haven't hit the simulations yet so that could change. Competency testing for us is this coming Wednesday. Class trip to the OKC Omniplex/science museum is on April 28th. I also finally enrolled for next year and hopefully I'll get to be a full time student this time.

Movies: Finally saw Twilight... Peter Facinelli as a blonde is just so wrong. I find it kind of funny that I saw two movies in less than a week where the best part involved a Muse song. Also I will not lie... I saw The Day the Earth Stood Still for Jon Hamm and Jon Hamm only. I honestly couldn't tell you much that happened when he was on screen. The scruff was super hot.

Books: I bought the next three Sookie Stackhouse books (Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead, and Dead to the World). I'm almost finished with the second Night Angel book. So good. I love a series where I can actually end up liking characters I once despised. Vi has gone from "snoozefest" to "how wonderfully bitchy". Also I must stop myself from shipping Kylar and Vi since I know he won't end up with her. I also bought Confessions of a Shopaholic couple of weeks ago.

Television: Stupid Kal Penn liking stupid politics. This season of House has been so... all over the place. There's only a handful of episodes left and while I'm really not looking forward to yet another "omg Cameron is like totally in love with House!" thing or a "House could have been super happy with [insert female character here], but he pushed her away because he's a miserable wreck" thing we all know he can only be happy with Wilson, I am interested in seeing what they do for the finale. (Hopefully there will be Wilson goodness.)

I also gutted and restuffed my section of our Netflix with all the TV I've been putting off watching. I'm working through Jeeves and Wooster right now (I finished season one. I'm once again totally smitten with both Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.) and then it's on to Mad Men and Supernatural.

Video Games Persona: I'm in October with Persona 3. It is such fucking bullshit that you only get the best character for a month. I'll miss his badassness and the completely awesome way he used his Evoker. I still don't know how I'm going to manage The Answer side of P3 since it's equivalent to the hard version of The Journey. I expected epic fail from me though.

Manga: I'm still not caught up on Fullmetal Alchemist or One Piece. I am caught up on Reborn! though and I must say I'm glad the girls are getting their say. Though Haru is still a million times better than Kyoko. I'm also current with xxxHOLiC (I only care again because Doumeki and Watanuki are staying with each other now) and Tsubasa (What the fuck has happened to this series? Just tell me if Kurogane and Fai go off to be gay ever after so I can stop caring about this headache inducing clusterfuck.)
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So there are a couple of things to wtf over, but this is my biggest question: Why hasn't Tsuna realized that Haru is super hot? For that matter... why hasn't anyone realized that she's super hot?

Look at her... with the long hair... she looks totally awesome. And not only that but she's still completely fucking adorable. How has Tsuna not realized that Kyoko has nothing on her? (Well she does have her beat in the "awesome family members" category, but not in anything else!)

Stupid boys. >=(
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Wolverine and the X-Men episodes 1 & 2:

Not bad so far. Wolverine's mutton chops are super annoying though. How can he stand it with that on his face?!

Episode one had some nice cameos. Boom Boom, Pyro, Dust... Yay Dust! Also what did they do to Rahne? She looked some weird cat thing.

Episode two had Pietro! Yay Pietro! Though I wish I knew why they insist on having him sound like a smartass punk. If anything he should sound like an uppercrust smartass. >=(

Also fucking whoo for having Angel as a core team member! (Double whoo for Liam O'Brien!)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Fall of the Blue Beetle

D'awwwww Ted love! I love the science talk with Bats while they're in the middle of sneaking into stuff.

Whoo Dan got a mention!

Also "A man without fear?! That's a mental condition!" Oh Paco. I ♥ you.

OMG next week's episode is gonna have Plastic Man and Elongated Man. Win.


Dec. 21st, 2008 03:41 pm
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So I managed to catch up on Reborn! last night... now it's time for rant/fanbabble...

Spoilers through Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Chapter 223 )
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Since I've missed commenting on some stuff... and when I say rambling... I mean rambling.

CLAMP finally gave us another Kurogane and Fai splash page in this week's Tsubasa and it is in COLOR! Woot! And xxxHOLiC finally returns and it has Haruka! Double woot!

FUNimation made a slew of announcements this week... the ones that interest me: Officially announcing Mushishi and picking up the most entertaining mecha series I have ever seen, Sousei no Aquarion. (Seriously. That series owns. It has people orgasming when mechs combine, a guy who acts like a dog, cross dressing, and a set of male/female twins played by Romi Paku that sound almost exactly alike. How can people not love it?!)

I finally finished up the second season of Major. More people need to watch this series. By far the best sports series I've seen (not that I've seen a lot of them) but it has cute kids playing baseball in season one and older, but still cute kids playing baseball in season two. It was nice to hear Masakazu Morita play older Toshi in season two. The only thing I've really heard him in is Bleach where he's always got that Ichigo-like tone going on. It actually took me a bit to pick up that it was him because Toshi is much softer and polite sounding than Ichigo. =P

And speaking of Bleach... I am totally loving Hiyori's voice. It is perfect. I also noticed that Akon was doing the preview for 113 (DB missed and translated it as "Ah, Kon-san") with Rin (the cute little green haired one)... how the hell does a character who was cut from the anime get to do a preview? XD

And... that's all I got. =|
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While randomly surfing on YouTube I came across a clip from the One Piece dub of Zoro with Sanji's lollipop. They actually went in and edited Zoro's little cotton ball cleany thing he does with his swords (I'm sure if has a name) to look like Sanji's "lollipop". And in script is Zoro saying the line "I want to know what Sanji is always slurping on." I can't decide if I should laugh at that line or groan over them making Zoro mistreat his babies. =(

I think that the current Bleach episodes (on both sides of the Pacific) are gonna be what has me totally separating myself from the fandom. (I'm already partly detached.) I don't want to listen to even more whining about fillers. I don't want to hear them whining about a dub that is actually pretty damn good. (And if it were actually possible... I would ram the One Piece dub down the throat of every singly person who complains about how Bleach or Naruto has been ruined by their dubs.)

Also... WATCH MAJOR! It will make you laugh and it will make you cry (I don't even want to go into the number of times I cried during the first season.) Even though it is a series about baseball, it is so much more than that. Such a wonderful focus on the characters rather than the game. I'm currently watching the second season and I absolutely adore it. Goro is adorable (and a bit assy at times... but his adorableness balances it out... so it's okay. =P) This is such an underloved series!
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OMG! Tim Gunn is getting his own show! (If you don't know who Tim Gunn is... get thyself some Project Runway and get to know the awesome of Tim Gunn.) That is so freaking awesome. I ♥ Tim Gunn.

I've been having way too much fun CAPSLOCKing. Now I know why so many people type in capslock all the time. Super fun.
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Yay! Bleach filler is over! My copy of the raw is still downloading (dammit) and I'm still debating with myself over whether or not to start up my caps again. But I just have to say: OMG!! ANIMATED SHINJI IS HOT STUFF!!
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Happy (almost) New Year! Yay 2007! Here's hoping you are just as awesome as 2006 wasn't. =|

So I've been watching a lot of Digimon on ToonDisney lately. I've got about three episodes of Tamers left to see and I'm almost halfway into Frontier and I've come to a few conclusions.

1. Digimon is about 700 times cooler than Pokemon will ever be.
2. Gabumon will forever be the greatest Digimon ever.
3. It has the catchiest theme ever. That's like the one time where replacing the Japanese with an English song was totally awesome. Why they decided not to use it in Frontier is beyond me. That automatically makes me like it less than the other three.
4. For a Saturday morning cartoon... Digimon got away with a lot. A lot.
5. For a series about kids with pet monsters... Digimon gets into some issues. (Got nothing on Shadow Star Narutaru, which actually makes my skin crawl a bit and is one of the most misleading series I have ever been exposed to, but still pretty heavy stuff.)
6. Digimon dubs > All other dubs. You cannot beat it in my eyes. If Savers isn't dubbed in LA... I will rant. And no one wants to see that.

And I want to rant about the people bitching about Bleach filler... but I just don't feel like getting into it. =(

Oh! I've also discovered that ToonDisney plays old Power Rangers episodes at like 11 something at night and early in the morning. It's like watching my childhood all over again. =)


Dec. 28th, 2006 06:02 pm
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Because I finally got around to catching up on One Piece... spoilers to chapter 439 )
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Bleach 246 - Spoilers )

One Piece 430 - Spoilers )

What a good way to start the morning. =)

I'm currently downloading Bleach 98 so I can see the new OP/ED so expect some screencaps later today. For now I'm gonna go watch D.Gray-man episode one and maybe finish up Ergo Proxy while I wait for that to finish and for the new Tsubasa chapter.

EDIT: New Bleach OP: So. Fucking. Hot. I just... I don't even have the words. Damn... that was awesome.
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I'm so ready to kill my cat. He'll follow us into the bathroom then after we leave he'll stay in there and scream for no apparent reason. It's driving us crazy!

Bleach was second in Saturday night ratings for [as] last week. (Trinity Blood, for some strange reason, continues to be the first for anime. It baffles me so.) And speaking of Bleach new DVD cover was posted in [livejournal.com profile] soul_society. How the hell does Shuuhei get a DVD cover?

But omg! The real reason for this totally random post is because the raw for episode one of D.Gray-man came out. Look at the Komui!

Screencap from Memento

Also how the hell did I miss this and this? They were in one of the One Piece chapter I was reading the other day. Kagura and her polka dotted innertube are just so cute.

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