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Well since I'm probably not gonna do my Bleach caps (was gonna work on it today, but now I have no time.) Here's the zip file with about 252 screencaps. =)

Bleach 110 Screencaps
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So the new Bleach opening is super awesome. So awesome I dropped what I was doing and capped... capped like a madwoman. I ended up with about 90 caps all together with both the ending and the opening. The style of the opening made it a bit hard to cap in some places so some of the caps came out looking a bit blurry. But damn... it's awesome.

Super hot )

And just for random info... I will (hopefully) be picking up my cap/commentary once the filler arc ends. So watch out for it. =)

EDIT: Added YouTube links.


Apr. 4th, 2006 06:21 pm
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I had to cap the hottness of the new Bleach opening (and the semi-hottness of the Bleach ending)

thumbed caps as always... possible spoilers )
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Bleach 73-74 spoilers and some caps... )

There was also a Gintama preview at the end of Bleach. I had to cap it. No comments... just caps.
Gintama preview images )
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Tuesday Wednesday! means Bleach time...

I'm really liking this filler arc.

Bleach 68-69 rambling and caps... SPOILERS )
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Bleach 67 rambling... SPOILERS )

Now I'm gonna go watch more Avatar: The Last Airbender on YouTube. (I heart YouTube.)
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Another Tuesday... another Bleach episode.

My other backpack is a lion... Bleach episode 66 caps... SPOILERS )
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Woke up this morning and found some nice news on my FL. GINTAMA IS GETTING AN ANIME!

Please keep the voice cast from the OVA. Please keep the voice cast from the OVA. Please keep the voice cast from the OVA. (Then I'll have three series to hear Kazuya Nakai in come April.)

In other news... Bleach 65! These aren't bleach caps... they only look like bleach caps. (If some of the pictures don't work it's because ImageShack is being stupid. I thought I was never gonna get the damn things uploaded.)

More Renji... more gutter thinking... more filler.... episode 65. SPOILERS )
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Ah... fillers... love them or hate them... we're getting them. Me? I don't mind fillers. All I ask is that they entertain me until the source material is far enough ahead and the main story can resume. But I know that a lot of you don't care for fillers, but instead of dwelling on the weakness of the story or the fact that it probably won't be as good as the manga... let's look at the good things these fillers can give us.

This isn't another installment of Bleach caps... it only looks like Bleach caps!

My thoughts and feelings on episode 64... SPOILERS )
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Man... these Bleach caps just did not want to be posted. But here they are... caps for episode 60 "Truth of Despair, the Dagger that has been Brandished"

Lots of caps, but I didn't use all the ones I took. Thumbnailed and ZIP links as always.

MEGA SPOILERS! If you're only watching the anime you might want to wait till after you've already seen the episode.

Yay crazy! )

Also... I really need to come up for a name for these caps. I don't want to keep calling them "Bleach Caps" because I might decide to do another series later. (I've thought of starting a community for these things and maybe seeing if other people wanted to try it for another series.)

[livejournal.com profile] cracked_caps! Bleach caps will be there from now on and (hopefully) other series as well. Feel free to join!
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Bleach caps. This time it's episode 59 "Conclusion of the Death Match! White pride and black desire"

You know the drill by now... thumbed caps behind the cut. Feel free to use for whatever. I didn't use all the ones I took this time, but the ZIP is there.

Spoilers yo.

The 6th Division's dry cleaning bills must be huge. )
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It's Tuesday which means.... Bleach caps. Yes, I skipped the last two weeks, but I couldn't miss this one. It's just too good to pass up.

190ish thumbed caps from episode 58 "Unseal! The Black Blade, the Miraculous Power"

Spoilers for the whole episode.

Pink Vs. Black )
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Bleach caps... I know I said yesterday, but I got bored. Not nearly as funny as usual, but hey... what're you gonna do?

Bleach episode 55 "The Strongest Shinigami! Ultimate Confrontation Between Teacher and Student" thumbed caps behind the cut.

Spoilers for the whole episode.
girl ninjas, pink coats, and fire... oh my! )
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It's Tuesday(ish) and that means that it's time for Bleach caps! This time it's episode 54. (Stupid not having an episode last week! It threw me off!)

Spoilers baby...

Stupid fire effects! You make it hard to cap! )
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Bleach Double Epsiosde Part Two Screencaps

200-ish caps this time. I didn't use all the ones I took this time.
Yadda, yadda, yadda...

Spoilers for the whole episode.
Komamura is foxy )
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Part of of the double episode! This goes up to the end of "the fight."

212 thumbnailed caps... blah, blah, blah...

Spoilers for the whole episode
It must really bite to be the 6th Division guy who get stuck with the laundry... )
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Bleach Opening 03; Bleach Ending 05 Screencaps

Decided to break this week's episode up a bit. Right now I've the opening and the ending. Then later today/tomorrow I'll have the first half of the double episode and then later on in the week (but most likely before the weekend) I'll have the second half of the double episode.

But right now I've got opening and ending caps which I must say... both rocked. I haven't actually watched the episode yet as I was too excited to cap the opening/ending.

Can we all say symbolism? )
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Yes, it's that time again -- Bleach screencap time. Bleach episode 51 "Morning of the Sentence"> screencaps to be exact.

177 thumbnailed caps and zip file lie ahead.

Spoilers for the whole episode.

The Yachiru will hunt you down and drool on you )
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Fresh off the awesomeness that is Bleach chapter 195... I have Bleach caps.

I didn't use all the caps this time either, but I have a zip file with way too many caps. So here are the caps for episode 49 "Rukia's Nightmare"

Also... this one is less funny than others. Blame the headaches from dogsitting.

Spoilers for the episode ahoy!

Kaien has a mullet!! )
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So there's a raw version of the FMA movie out. I hear the quality is bad because it's a video recording of the screen. I'm not in a big hurry to watch it though. I already know what happens... plus.... Roy just looks so... ick in it. I hate angsty!anime!Roy. He's so not the awesome. How come BONES can make Spike Spiegel look freaking gorgeous, but they make Roy look all ick?

Bleach caps yet again. 171 from episode 48 "Hitsugaya roars!"

Spoilers for the whole episode.

love hurts )

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