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New TV season!!!!

Community - I haven't seen last night's episode, but I did love the pilot. What can I say? I love Joel McHale.

Modern Family - Funniest new series. I don't even know how many times I laughed at this. I really need to see it again cause I know I missed some jokes.

Cougar Town - I wasn't gonna watch this one, but I decided to go ahead and round out the hour with ABC and I must say I was surprised. I do enjoy Courtney Cox so I imagine that helped, but Busy Phillipps and the kid playing Cox's son were the best parts.

Flash Forward - Hello sexytimes. The entire pilot was like sexy sexytimes. Joseph Fiennes and John Cho walking around all srs faced and injured and then the epic Jack Davenport tease! Curse you, ABC!

House - I thought the premiere was pretty darn good. Hugh Laurie did an awesome job and had a massive =D on my face during Wilson's scene. Didn't care much for the "romance" subplot. The spoilers for upcoming episodes have me more excited though. (So much Wilson goodness coming.) Though I must say I'm still over the whole Huddy thing and I honestly remain unaffected by the announcement that Jennifer Morrison is leaving. (There will be hell to pay if RSL ever decides to leave though.)
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So like... I'm getting back into anime again... I blame it solely on the fact that there are quite a few interesting series this season. My load won't nearly be as large as it once was I'm going for roughly five series (six this season if I end up liking all the ones I'm gonna try) and then maybe one or two older series depending on if they're streaming on a legit service.

So for this season I'm going for...

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - I solely blame my reinterest in anime-watching on this series. Thank goodness someone is streaming it though or I probably would have drug my feet on watching it. After seeing the first episode I have to give it a thumbs up. Maybe it's just because I've been so long without seeing the first series or been so long without seeing anything... I was totally pleased.

Eden of the East - Kenji Kamiyama + Production I.G. + Chika Umino + Pantless Male Lead = I can't resist. You had me at Pantless Male Lead. (Can he dethrone Princess Tutu's Mythos as the Pantless Wonder?) Everything I've heard has been awesome. The lack of pants is just a bonus.

Guin Saga - My inner fantasy nerd took notice of the series, but I wasn't expecting much based on what little digging I did. I've heard some good things so I'll go for it.

Basquash! - What's that you say? Mecha basketball? And I still haven't heard anything negative?

Ristorante Paradiso - A fun romance series is mandatory for my new anime watching schedule.

La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~ - What can I say? I enjoyed the first season and it's conveniently streaming on crunchyroll. I am weak. Also it's apparently only two episodes long so... I really can't resist.

As for the older series... I'm in a toss up between finally getting around to Kaleido Star and Natsume Yuujin-Chou. I might break down and go for both if I end up not liking one of the series I'm gonna try out.
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I totally wasn't expecting to care about anything other than the comic parodies (I'm Batman.) but dammit if I don't love Ethan and Mike and everyone... even Faz. Oh Mike... why can't you just admit you're gay for Ethan?

Go read it... please? Especially if you like comic book/old school cartoon nerdiness. Plus it has a talking car that loves Short Circuit. How can you not enjoy that?

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Now let's see how often I remember it's there...
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While randomly surfing on YouTube I came across a clip from the One Piece dub of Zoro with Sanji's lollipop. They actually went in and edited Zoro's little cotton ball cleany thing he does with his swords (I'm sure if has a name) to look like Sanji's "lollipop". And in script is Zoro saying the line "I want to know what Sanji is always slurping on." I can't decide if I should laugh at that line or groan over them making Zoro mistreat his babies. =(

I think that the current Bleach episodes (on both sides of the Pacific) are gonna be what has me totally separating myself from the fandom. (I'm already partly detached.) I don't want to listen to even more whining about fillers. I don't want to hear them whining about a dub that is actually pretty damn good. (And if it were actually possible... I would ram the One Piece dub down the throat of every singly person who complains about how Bleach or Naruto has been ruined by their dubs.)

Also... WATCH MAJOR! It will make you laugh and it will make you cry (I don't even want to go into the number of times I cried during the first season.) Even though it is a series about baseball, it is so much more than that. Such a wonderful focus on the characters rather than the game. I'm currently watching the second season and I absolutely adore it. Goro is adorable (and a bit assy at times... but his adorableness balances it out... so it's okay. =P) This is such an underloved series!

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