May. 22nd, 2006 12:15 pm
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E-freaking-gad.... yesterday was horrible. I woke up with a sinus headache. Just about the time that the medicine I took for it started to work mom comes back from the store with a new kitten. So I got to listen to that cry and got a regular headache. And it was just so freaking hot yesterday. Ugh.

Yeah... so we got a new kitten (it doesn't have a name yet.) It's all tiny and black and white. Our other cat won't even come in the room where it's at. If it's in the living room, she's in the kitchen. If it's in the kitchen, she's in the bathroom.

*sigh* I want to go crawl back into bed, but if I walk across the living room floor the kitten will start crying. :(

Yay! I just saw that my favorite episode of Samurai Champloo (episode 11, "Gamblers and Gallantry") is on the [adult swim] Fix all this week! EDIT: Oh yes... I just checked page two... they added Paranoia Agent. Wootness.
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Changed my layout. Well.. I just fiddled with the colors and stuff. It's pretty bare and I'm still using The Boxer. (I just can't figure out what I want for my layout.)

I ganked this from some random LJ peoples because it sounds fun (and easy.)

In 2006 I will watch 100 movies and post my thoughts about them here on LJ.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Movie #1 -- Fantastic Four )

I spent most of the day cleaning. So fun. >_> I get to spend the rest of the week doing laundry. So much more fun. >_>

[My Super Bowl pick is gonna be wrong. I picked the Seahawks because I liked their team colors better. :(]

And OMG! Why can't I log into the [as] Message Boards?! *spazzes* And it works now! Yayz!
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Egads! I have the headache from hell. It just will not go away. Buh. I was gonna cap some stuff today so I can make some icons and junk next week, but now I don't feel like it. [I really, really need to cap episodes 61 & 62 of Bleach and I wanna cap the One Piece special (because zomg! feudal Japan + Straw Hats + Buggy + Zoro running around barefoot kicking people's ass = the win!... esp. that last part.)] Maybe I'll do it when I get up tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a Happy Whatever the Hell it is You Celebrate. Mine wasn't all that bad. Dinner wasn't nearly as much of a hassle as it usually is, but I've been feeling kinda run down so I spent most of the day not wanting to move. I got new comfy pants and a couple of comfy jackets and another pack of blank CDs and some perfume (I only use one kind of perfume and no one ever buys it for me. I always get stuck with stuff I'll never use.) My FMA stuff probably won't get here till Monday or Tuesday.

Now I just have to survive a week with my mom at home on vacation griping about not having anything to do.
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After my mind was scooped out, stuffed in a blender, run on high for about five minutes, and then poured back into my head... (a.k.a. read FMA chapter 54) we headed to Wally World to get a new DVD player. (We've been DVD Player-less for like two months now.) Got the DVD player home played one movie and now it won't load the discs. *kicks it*

We also got The Emperor's New Groove on DVD and they had a preview for a movie called The Wild.... Yeah... I liked the movie the first time I heard about it... when it was called Madagascar. :|

Also... my mom keeps making it hard to shop for her for Christmas. She told me she wanted an electric griddle or a microwave. So I was like "Okay... I'll get you one of those." So she goes to my aunt's house a few weeks ago and my aunt asked what she wanted for Christmas so my mom told her the same thing she told me. So my aunt just gives her a brand new griddle (leftover from when she moved in with her boyfriend.) So now I'm all "Okay. Microwave." Then after my great aunt dies our cousin gives us a microwave. Now I'm left with nothing to get her. Mom tells me "get me some pots and pans" so I'm like "okay! I can do that!" So she buys freaking pots and pans today! (Because the ones that had like everything in it and was on sale were almost totally sold out.) So now I have nothing to get for her. *cries* Why is she doing this to me?! It's bad enough I never know what to get anyway and the one year she tells me something distinct she ends up getting it all before I can get it.

She's already told me what I'm getting (FMA manga) so... I also just realized my paid journal time is about to be over. Buh.
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Okay... I'm really not liking my dog right now... at all.

He keeps breaking off his damn chain. If it's not one thing it's another. First he kept breaking his collars because the only ones we could find that fit him were those shitty syntheic fibers ones. Well he broke off his chain on Tuesday night and we had to keep him in the garage and yesterday we finally found a leather collar that would fit him. So just a few minutes ago I heard this dog barking at the mailman. I thought it was one of the neighbor dogs because they sometimes get loose, but no... it was our dog who has now broken his chain.


Also... we are totally skirting the line on the city ordinance for grass height. We're supposed to be getting a lawn mower to use (we don't own one) on Saturday so we've got one day of "I really hope the they don't come by and give us a 40 dollar ticket."
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Okay... so I'm free from dog sitting and now I have to rant about it.

When she got here last Friday night to drop him off she told us the following: He only sleeps on his special dog pillow. The only thing he likes to play with is squeak toy. He's not paper trained, but he whines whenever he needs to go to the bathroom. So we're like "Okay. We went through that with our dog too. No big."

This was the worst dog I have ever seen. Do you know how many times he whined when he needed to go to the bathroom in the week he was here? Zero. He just pissed wherever he wanted. He would be running around trying to play with the cat then -- BAM! Pissing in the floor.

I won't even go into how much we got paid for all this... I wouldn't have have put my own dog through the shit (literally) we went through for the amount we got paid.

Gag. Never again. Never again.

I used to think my cat was annoying with all the crap she does to me all day, but no... my cat is a saint.

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