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1. Music Player > Shuffle
2. Take first line of 20 songs
3. Make poem

Reach out and touch faith
I want you to remember
Darling you've got to let me know
Who is the man I see

Well I've been watching
I see you blowing me a kiss
Words like violence
He told me I was worth it

Repress and restrain
Baby can't you see
You'll find it hiding in the shadows
Love, love is a verb

If there's a way that you could be everything you want to be
Only the truth
In my perfect isolation
Sometimes I've got to

I look and stare so deep into your eyes
Revenge is not a good thing, Lilly
My hands are searching for you
Don't lie to me

Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
Bush – The Chemicals Between Us
The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go
Keane – Crystal Ball

Audioslave – Cochise
Jennifer Paige – Crush
Lacuna Coil – Enjoy The Silence
Dragonette – Black Limousine

Muse – Ruled by Secrecy
Britney Spears – Toxic
Bloc Party – Blue Light
Massive Attack – Teardrop

Savage Garden – Violet
The Last Shadow Puppets – Only the Truth
The Offspring – Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom
Soft Cell – Tainted Love

The Puppini Sisters – Crazy in Love
Billie the Vision & The Dancers – Damaging This Apartment
Flyleaf – All Around Me
Hercules and Love Affair – Time Will

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