May. 13th, 2009

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Jerry Bruckheimer better be really, really thankful that Jake Gyllenhaal has amazing abs.

Like really, really, really thankful... he should probably send them a thank you note.

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From Is It Just Me? TV Guide's May 13-31, 2009 issue.

Did House have a ridiculously zippy detox?
One sweaty night on the couch and a little ginger tea: That's all it took for House to kick the Vicodin habit. It never looks that easy on Celebrity Rehab. So I called up Dr. Drew Pinksy. And let me tell you, VH1's guru was not amused. "I'm concerned that this show might be giving a message that opiate withdrawal is a snap," he says. "It takes five to seven days. Days. There is something called rapid opiate detox that can be done in a day. But that's done in an operating room under general anesthesia and not on a couch. And even then, [the patient's] still sick for a few days afterwards." Got it. But there's an even bigger issue House's peers will have to be worried about--besides the fact that they could all be sued for knowingly allowing an addicted doctor to practice medicine. Pinksy says newly detoxed individuals are often extremely irritable and agitated for weeks after kicking the opiate. So Dr. McCranky could get crankier? "It comes with the territory," he says. Geez, now I'm scared

Ignoring the fact that the season finale showed us why that happened... it's not like the whole "taking days to get through and being crankier than usual" thing didn't happen the last two times we went through this...

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