Jul. 9th, 2009

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Dear TV Guide Network,

Stop. Just stop. For fuck's sake - STOP. It's been two weeks since Michael Jackson died. You have reported on everything that could possibly have happened during that span of time. Stop. Now. Just stop. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for you to still be going for 24/7 coverage of this.

I know... believe me, I know that summer is a shit time for TV and therefore you don't really have a lot to cover... but there's movies! And summer is a great time for "25 Hottest _______" lists! You could do that! Everyone loves list shows!

But please... for the love of all things good and nice in this world... let it go. It's fine to do an update on the hour or devote most of your news type programs to it... but do we really need you to spend hours dissecting the life, career, and memorial service of Michael Jackson until the only thing you haven't reported on is the exact second the friend of the cousin of the butler of the cook of the guy who once talked to MJ for three seconds at a concert 20 years ago started crying?

Let it go now,

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