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So I signed up for state competition for BPA today. I'm gonna do two hopefully. Fundamental Word Processing Skills which is like making stuff in MS Office and such. I have to do an entry test for that one though. And Administrative Support Team which is a group thing where you form an office and complete as many things as possible. No pretest for that one, but we need to find one more person for our team. It's on March 10-11 in Tulsa so I get to miss school for three days (cause we'd leave on the 9th.) Hopefully it goes good.

Also oh drama... I fucking hate you. So much other bullshit going on that I don't even wanna talk about it...

EDIT: Why is the digital camera I bought in December not working? >=(
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Today was a pretty awesome day. We got report cards back. I made a 93% for the first nine weeks, a 99% for the second, and a 96% overall. So whoo hoo on that one. I also finished the last lesson for Medical Terminology 1 and now I'm studying for the final that I'll take on Friday. My instructor says I'm doing excellent and that I'm ahead of where I'm supposed to be for my hours.

Going to Texarkana to get new glasses tomorrow. I really need them. I haven't had an eye exam since my senior year and the pair I'm currently wearing are from like my junior year.

I'm also gonna use my Best Buy gift card to get Persona 4. ♥ I can't play it yet though. I still need to finish P3 and FES (and all the other games I've gotten in the last year and haven't finished.) I am (finally) making progress on P3 though. I got to the summer uniforms! I've finally gotten the hang of the whole thing. But holy shit I'm about to stab Junpei in the face if he doesn't stop getting tired just when we're getting into the swing of things. >=(

I'm might also swing by Waldenbooks to see if anything catches my eye. I'm still reading on The Way of Shadow. I don't wanna finish it. I know the ending is gonna bum me out. I can feel it. Thankfully there's two more books after it.
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Thank goodness it's not so freaking cold down here anymore. I was starting to worry we were gonna get another big ice storm like we got in 2000. But it finally blew through.

Christmas vacation is here (thank goodness) and I've finished my first section of work in school. All of my general office stuff is done. Whoo! Now I've moved on to basic medical terminology which is actually surprisingly easy with the video tapes we have to watch.

So far on the Christmas front I've got House season two (my obsession is finally complete! For now!), a Xbox 360 (holy shit I finally went next gen), and a green iPod Nano (which was what I really wanted.)

I haven't really been hit by the fact that mom isn't here for Christmas this year yet. I'm bracing for it though since I'll be home alone for most of the week. Every once in awhile I'll see something a store that I would have gotten her for Christmas.

I'm planning on making a giant post at some point about the past year. I think I might work on that this week. I'm also planning on catching up on Mad Men (Jon Hamm = delicious) and Dexter (he should not be that adorable) and maybe work on the earlier seasons of Supernatural.
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RE: Question of the Day

Twilight = NO Please stop talking about this overhyped crap. (I'm talking to you, Entertainment Weekly. Seriously... stop sucking off Twilight, EW.)

Whoo for Thanksgiving break! Today was the last day of school for the month. I'm glad. We've been doing telephone etiquette training for the last two weeks and we've had the county high school touring and the students participating in the phone practice. Talk about stressful for me. I passed my phone certification though and I totally aced all three in class tests on it. Whoo for me!

I feel like the ice is finally broken in class. I feel more comfortable talking to my classmates now. I was nominated for replacement parliamentarian for our BPA, but I lost (which was good cause I didn't want it anyway.) I'm trucking right along in my work. I've got four certifications done in two months so I'm feeling pretty good. I'm working on office procedures at the moment.

Went and bought Wall-E and Tropic Thunder yesterday. (Oh! I also got my financial aid check yesterday so whoo!) I haven't watched Wall-E yet, but Tropic Thunder was awesome. Best fucking Tom Cruise movie ever. Robert Downey, Jr. was completely awesome. (Loved the fake trailer for Satan's Alley. Wonder Boys will forever make me laugh now that RDJ and Tobey MaGuire are Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Also note to self: Get RDJ icons.)

I also saw Kung-Fu Panda last weekend. I was surprisingly shocked by it. Dreamworks did an awesome job with it. The action scenes were great. They're really stepping up their game. I just wish they didn't want to make a sequel to every single one of their animated films (though I do want to see Madagascar 2.) Also Monsters vs. Aliens looks fun. (Can it plz be 2009 so I can do the 100 movie thingy?)

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we're having a housewarming party on Sunday. Plus I'm going to my aunt's company Christmas party next month. So much going on. Though it's a vast improvement over how much was going on last year.

Anyway... food time... then adorable robot movie time.

P.S. Satellite Internet fucking sucks.
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So I'm gonna be moving soon. We're buying a house and we're supposed to be closing on Wednesday. This means I (finally) get my compy back! Whoo! It also means I'll be getting a new computer soon. Man it will be awesome to be able to run more than two things at a time. I'll also finally have time to actually play the gob of video games I've gotten this year. Poor FFXII... I haven't touched you in forever.

My sexy Gundams... I am missing them. D=

I finally dropped the big hint that I want all four seasons of House for Christmas (you know by pointing at them in the store and saying "I want that for Christmas." It was super subtle.) I also plan on getting myself Persona 4 for Christmas. Now I just need to figure out what to get everyone else...

I passed my first cerification at school on Wednesday (we didn't have school on Thursday or Friday.) Whoo! I also enrolled to get college credit through OSU Okmulgee. Double whoo!

I need a haircut. My bangs are seriously getting on my nerves. They're at the annoying length that's too short to stay in a pony tail, but too long to be anything by annoying. It's driving me crazy.

I'm also tempted to by a rename token and some extra userpics (even though I can't seem to fill up the 49 slots I already have.)

Oh I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull the other night. It wasn't bad. Still can't be Last Crusade, but really nothing can. Some of it was pretty WTF, but I enjoyed the little moments.

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I started school today! Whoo! But I spent most of the time filling out paperwork and not doing anything! Smaller Whoo! I was worried about being behind in the class since I'm starting late, but it seems to be a go at your own speed type thing so that's all good.

I forgot how quick classes go back when you take them in the afternoon. I'm basically taking the second half of the school day I took in high school (about 2 hours and 15 minutes) and it just flies by... even when you're not doing anything.

I'm going to (finally) get a cell phone sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'm gonna take the phone my aunt just got a couple of weeks ago (since I totally said I liked it before she did and since the screen is too small for her :D).

I went to see Eagle Eye on Saturday. It wasn't bad. A bit over the top, but it had some pretty cool action scenes. Plus (for some reason that I still don't understand) I kinda like Shia the Beef.

My aunt and uncle got back last night from Indiana. His sister is doing good. They had to do another surgery this morning, but the doctors are still optimistic about everything and say in the seven to ten days she should be able to go home. A foundation that works out of the hospital is gonna cover her medical bills, which is good since she had two brain surgeries now.

Oh! New season of Amazing Race premiered last night. I'm not too keen on any of the teams so far... I'm not really not keen on anyone either. But give it time, even if I don't find someone to cheer to the win I'll find someone to cheer to go away.

And now for food... yay food!
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I haven't really had much to post about over the last few months, but now that there's actually quite a bit of stuff happening I feel it's time.

Living with someone new is hard. But I'm getting used to it. (Sharing a computer is hard when you're so used to having it all to yourself.) We're trying to get a house that's a couple of miles down the road now that we've gotten the payout from mom's life insurance. Hopefully it'll come through and by winter we'll be in a toasty new house (and I'll have my compy back.)

I was hoping to go to a tech school here last month, but I missed getting in. So I got kinda depressed and tried looking for a job which never panned out. But I got the news about 15 minutes ago that a spot opened and I can start Monday. Classes are in the afternoon from 12:15 to 3:15.

We did get bad news last night though. My (almost) uncle's sister had a stroke and is in the hospital in Indiana (she was on her way to Michigan.) They left last night at about nine to go and see her. They're planning on being back by Monday for work and everything.

I still miss Mom. I think about her at random times. It's been rough sometimes. I'm so used to her coming home at five and then us cooking together and then talking about random stuff. I wish I had spent more time that was just us.

Lighter side of things... I'm totally and completely addicted to House. Why did I not watch this sooner?! It's like someone crawled into my brain and made a show just for me. I also saw a bit of the last Supernatural season. It was pretty good. I wish it was in syndication somewhere so I could catch the earlier seasons. The new Heroes season looks awesome (though considering season two... just about anything looks awesome.) How I Met Your Mother is making me super happeh since my ship since the beginning is almost canon! Whoo!

I've been watching a lot of movies lately. The Dark Knight was awesome, but a part of it just didn't click with me. I felt Iron Man was the better superhero movie this summer (of course my longstanding love of RDJ could be clouding things there.) Speed Racer was kind of crap. It was worth it for Rain and Patrick from Coupling though.

Also I can't stop going to [livejournal.com profile] scans_daily. Like at all. It calls to me.

To peace...

May. 5th, 2008 06:30 pm
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So my mom passed away on April 6th. It's been rough. I moved in with my aunt and her boyfriend and things are kinda bumpy every now and then. I'm not up for writing a lot about it right now though.

My birthday is tomorrow. I'll be 23. Ugh. I'm not looking forward to it.

I went to see Iron Man last night. It's the first time I've been to see a movie in the theater since Batman Begins. (I sorta gave up on going to the movies since I rarely seemed to come out feeling like the movie I had just seen was worth the ticket price.) I have to say that I was not disappointed. Iron Man was just awesome. Easily one of the best comic book movies I've seen. The whole thing just worked together so well. Robert Downey Jr. was just amazing (I love him) and I think that was what made the movie just an enjoyable ride. I'd love to go and see it again. (Also the trailer for The Dark Knight was awesome. Cannot wait for that movie.)
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Another April Fools Day has passed. I think Yahoo Japan with their Space Invaders and YouTube rickrolling everyone were my favorites. Jumpri was fun too. =D

The puppy ate one of my slippers. It was pretty close to falling apart anyway, but they were still warm and comfy. Stupid puppy. Our cats are slowly warming up to her, but they all still fight most of the time.

And can I just say that I am super thrilled that something interesting is happening in Bleach again? I like can't even remember the last time I was this happy over a chapter. Awesome.
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We got a new doggie! She's a chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund) and she's about six months old. I think my mom only got her because she looks like a smaller, slightly darker version of Sage (our dog we had for like nearly ten years that died in 06.) Mom is calling her Trixie because she didn't like her original name (Trigger). When she's looking at you she looks like she's all ears. They're huge. =D My cats don't care for her though... at all. She keeps barking at them and they keep hissing at her. It's times like these I wish I had actually bothered to get a digital camera. =(

Also I got told yesterday by one of ladies my mom works with that it looked like I had lost some weight. Yay!
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Once again it's been a long time since I updated... but I actually have things to say now! Not much, but things.

The other day I took the first big step to losing weight - I bought an exercise bike! I've been using it for less than five days and I already thing it's the best two hundred bucks I've ever spent. I can't really do much yet since I'm extremely out of shape, but I've been easing myself into it. I really feel like it's helping already. My energy level feels up. I'm excited about using it and I don't feel like it's a chore to be pedaling (which is what I feel when I try to go out and walk.) I'm really hoping this stays and I don't get down on myself and stop doing it.

My next goal is to cut down on junk food and soda. I've been trying to stay away from chocolate lately. I've switched to snacking on a few Sweet Tarts when I feel the urge for sugar. They fill the need and I can't handle having more than six or seven pieces at a time because of the sour. I've switched from dark soda to orange soda (I would switch to lemon-lime, but I hate every brand's version of lemon-lime soda) and at the moment I'm trying to work in drinking more water with it. (I have a glass of water and a glass of soda with me and I switch back and forth between them with the water more directly in the line of sight.)

This is all part of my overall goal to start feeling better about myself. I'm tired of having no self-esteem and feeling down all the time because of it. I want to lose weight and get active and stop feeling like a worthless cow and start feeling like an actual person. My goal is that a year from now I can look back and see an actual change. I know it won't be easy, but I cannot let myself wuss out like I have with everything else important.

I also plan on updating more. Even if it's just to remind myself that I'm still feeling good about things.

Oh and I finally got tired of deleting comments from spam bots and turned off anon commenting.
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Yeah... I totally fail at updating this thing. :(

Mom and I recently started trying to lose weight. We decide not to try a diet plan and just go for cutting down on stuff. Less junk food, smaller portions, and so on. I've been meaning to walk to the library, but we're in the middle of heat wave. :(

I watched the live action Prince of Tennis movie last night. Oh, so hilarious. Some things just don't translate well to live action... acrobatic tennis is one of those things. I think it actually beat Tezuka killing the dinosaurs in the animated movie.

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