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I totally forgot about watching this last night, but thankfully Hulu saves my ass (yet again).

It's kind of crazy how much I loved this pilot. I had a giant smile on my face the entire time and honestly... I kinda teared up at the end. *loser* It's slightly bizarre though what with the dark humor mixed in with the "HAPPY YAY" stuff. Needless to say I will be watching in the fall.

In other news... two more days of school left this year! Whoo! I "helped" put up the calendar for next month. It looks so... thrown together by five year olds, but I don't care. I managed to put it up without injuring myself.

Speaking of... in addition to Monday's injuries I sliced my thumb with my own fingernail while trying to open a box of tea and then burned the exact same spot trying to drain the water off some pasta. And tonight I burned my arm on the cookie sheet trying to shake some fries off it. So not my week.

Oh... 30 Rock Progress: Season 1, Episode 4
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The great Catch Up On The Good TV I've Been Missing fest of 2009 is now officially starting. First up I'm gonna go with Mad Men and 30 Rock.

I've been interested in Mad Men for quite a while now, but for some reason I've been putting it off. I mean it has massive positive reviews and the extreme sexiness of Jon Hamm... but still I drag my feet. I think the big reason is because it's such a straight up drama. I caught the first episode back in December and really enjoyed it. Don is quite an interesting character (and also totally dreamy) and I was surprised by how much I liked Peggy. I want to be caught up by the time season 3 starts so I can watch it week by week.

I've also been meaning to catch up on 30 Rock for two years now. I figure pairing a series that I know is funny (at least from what I've seen of it) with the straight up drama of Mad Men will give me a nice balance and hopefully keep me interested in both. (Plus it also has Jon Hamm...)

After that I need to catch up on Supernatural, True Blood, and this season of How I Met Your Mother. I'd also like to restart Desperate Housewives since it really is a great guilty pleasure. I'd like to see Gossip Girl but I dunno...

So basically...
Now: Mad Men & 30 Rock
Then: Supernatural & How I Met Your Mother
Later: True Blood

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